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Client Testimonials

I came to see the lovely Nasrin for a colonic hydrotherapy session. I have various health issues like constipation, constant bloatedness, acid reflux, indegestion. After the consultation, we went ahead and she professionally did the colonic treatment making me feel comfortable and at ease and i felt that she did the treatment to its full potential as ive done this treatment elsewhere before and it wasnt as helpful and good as this session was. Nasrin kindly advised me on how to change my diet as well as what suitable herbal medication I should take, and leaving the current tablet I was taking; Omeprazol which was causing all these issues I had. After follow her advice it has been a few weeks now I can feel and see massive positive changes in my body and I feel great! Thank you so much and I would high recommend Nasrin for this treatment she will most definitely help you!

Margarida - November 2017

Nasrin was absolutely brilliant from start to finish. She is very professional, incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about general health and wellbeing.
She talked me through the process of the treatment and made me feel at ease. She engaged with me and kept checking with the procedure to ensure that I was comfortable throughout the treatment.
I found the treatment fantastic and beneficial. I went back for the second treatment in the space of two weeks as I was satisfied with the results.
Nasrin extended her service with lots of dietary advice and talked me through possible external factors that could affect my body internal processes which was very helpful and an eye opening.
She encouraged me to reconnect with my body and make the necessary changes so I can feel the full benefit of the treatment in the long run. I left feeling very informed and with a greater understanding of some of the troubles I’ve been experiencing.
No doubt that I will be going back for more.
I highly recommend the colonic hydrotherapy with Nasrin.


Great , knowledgeable therapist Nasrin who made me feel at ease straight away. Nasrin is an absolutely excellent therapist. Very genuine, caring, non-judgemental and full of good advice. The treatment space is lovely and all of the treatments done with great care and professionalism.

Mona G. - February 2018

I recently visited W3 Holistic for a colonic. I was very impressed by Nasrin who instantly put me at ease and expertly explained the procedure.
She was confident, competent and very knowledgeable. She took the time at the end (while I dressed) to make notes of some of the key advice she offered which I found very helpful.
I would definitely recommend Nasrin.

Mona - October 5 2017

I had never had a colonic before but I was recommended to Nasrin from a friend. I couldn’t believe you could get so many health benefits and I’ve only had one treatment! Nasrin made me feel completely relaxed and explained everything thoroughly. I have adopted her nutritional advice and it has given me so much more energy in the morning. I can’t wait until my next treatment! Highly recommend.

Dionne Greenwood - November 2017

Very professional and welcoming service. Nasrin was fab, knowledgeable and put me at ease. I would recommend.

Gill S. - May 2018

Lovely service. Really made the procedure as comfortable for me as possible. As it was my first time. So was feeling slightly nervous. Definitely would and have booked follow up sessions. Would definitely recommend to friends or anybody else.

Paul Simon N. - April 2018

Experienced practitioner who has the knowledge to do the treatment. Very helpful and understanding.

Bernadette K. - April 2018

The place is nice and clean. Nasrin makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, she also helps you with your wellbeing....I am very happy will go again.

Gloria B. - March 2018

Great therapist - great treatment!

Patrizia A. - March 2018

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